Tool Manager: Brian Bowman

Tool Location: Duffield 220

3100 AFM
3100 AFM


  • 90µm Square XY imaging area
  • 6µm Z Range
  • 1% Integral non linearity (XY)
  • < 0.05nm RMS vertical noise floor
  • Samples up to 150 mm diameter and 12 mm thick
  • 150 mm vacuum chuck for hard disks, semiconductor wafers, and other samples
  • Enhanced motorized positioning: 125 x 100 mm inspectable area
  • Optical microscope: 150 to 675 µm horizontal viewing area with 1.5 µm resolution


Helpful links:

Instrument protocols in the "downloads" menu to the right.

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Offline Nanoscope Software v. 5.31

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