Tool Manager: Brian Bowman
Location: Duffield 220

Instrument features

  • Imaging in air, fluid, or controlled atmosphere: contact mode and intermittent contact (also called AC or tapping) mode.
  • High-resolution scanner (10 µm scan range) for molecular scale imaging
  • 100 µm scanner with closed loop z positioning for accurate height and force measurements over large scan ranges
  • Low-coherence lasers on both scanners to minimize imaging artifacts from reflections
  • Programmable controller for customized imaging
  • Top-down optical viewing of the sample with a video microscope
  • Environmental chamber for humidity and atmospheric control
  • Sample heating to 40 C and cooling to –30 C
  • Heating/cooling for samples in fluid-containing Petri dishes with 37 mm diameters
  • Potentionstat/galvanostat for electrochemical and electrophysiological measurements
  • PicoTREC controller for single molecule recognition using functionalized probes


Helpful Links

Instrument protocols in the "downloads" menu to the right.

Manufacturer's webpage

Gwyddion is a free program that can assist with visualization and analysis of AFM data.

Bruker is a useful source for specialized AFM probes and tips