Cell culture minicourse
Discussion during a cell culture minicourse

This class covers basic mammalian cell culture handling and treatment, including:


  • Sterile handling of mammalian cells and cell culture materials
  • Thawing, feeding, and passaging cell lines
  • Identifying normal cell morphology and potential contaminants
  • Safe handling of biological materials
  • Cell and tissue fixing for optical microscopy
  • Mounting samples for optical microscopy
  • Antibody and non-antibody cell staining for optical microscopy
  • Live/dead cell staining assays
  • Fluorescence imaging
  • Experimental Design: Materials requirements for devices using live cells, choosing appropriate culture/fixation/staining conditions, etc.

The class typically runs for 3 full days. Sample slides can be downloaded on the sidebar.

Registration for class is required due to small class sizes. This class is open to any interested researchers, however, because we work in NBTC lab space, all those taking the course must register to become NBTC users if they do not currently have access.