This class covers techniques for modifying and characterizing surfaces, including:


  • Formation of self-assembled monolayers using silanes and alkanethiols
  • Surface modification of soft materials using gas plasma
  • Materials preparation for surface-specific synthesis
  • Critical factors in synthesizing biologically active surfaces
  • Soft lithography and monolayer stamping and etching
  • Instrumental analysis of monolayer chemistry, thickness, and organization using: IR spectroscopy, ellipsometry, contact angle, AFM (optional), and zeta potential (optional).


The class typically runs for 3 full days. Sample slides can be downloaded on the sidebar.

Registration for class is required due to small class sizes. This class is open to any interested researchers, however, because we work in NBTC lab space, all those taking the course must register to become NBTC users if they do not currently have access. Users that do not have CNF cleanroom training must attend a brief orientation prior to the class.