Upcoming Seminars


Optofluidics Seminar and instrument demo. Bernardo Cordovez from Optofluidics, Inc. will be visiting to discuss and demonstrate the NBTC's newest instrument, the Nanotweezer.

Optofluidics’ NanoTweezer  is the first commercial system capable of directly optically trapping and probing small scale objects in solution ranging from small proteins, quantum dots and DNA to objects as large as bacteria. Unlike traditional free space optical traps which are light diffraction limited and thus can only influence dielectric objects larger than a hundred nanometers in size, the NanoTweezer technology is powered by proprietary nanophotonic waveguides which are engineered to exert stronger optical forces via light confinement and resonance, enabling a technological leap in trapping capability. In this seminar, we will cover the technology’s working principles, discuss the NanoTweezer’s microscope bolt on configuration and talk about various applications of the system including particle analysis (size, shape and type) for single biological and non-biological particles. 

Time and location details will be coming soon.