NBTC Safety Orientation

The most current version of the NBTC Safety Orientation Pamphlet contains answers to the most common user questions about safety, including information on chemical transport, waste dispsosal, emergency exits and evacuation, and dress code.


Dress Code

Anyone entering the NBTC labs must be dressed appropriately for lab work. This means no chemical-accessible skin from shoulders to feet. To enter the NBTC labs, you must be wearing:

Shoes: Shoes must completely cover the entire foot. No sandals, open weave shoes, ballet flats, or other shoes that expose the top of the foot.

Pants: must be full-length from waist to ankle. No shorts, no skirts (without pants underneath), no short pants. No tight pants such as yoga pants, leggings, or tights. Pants should not be tucked into shoes.

Shirts: must completely cover the body from shoulder to top of the pants. A lab coat must be worn over any midriff-bearing tops or sleeveless shirts.

Final determination of the safety of any piece of clothing is at the discretion of NBTC staff.


In Case of Emergency

The red phones throughout the building immediately patch through to Cornell Police.

Eye wash stations are located in Duffield 216, 212, and 201, and in the safety corridor. Safety showers are located in the safety corridor.

Fire pull boxes are located throughout Duffield Hall.

AED devices are located on the second and first floors.


Safety Questions?

Brian Bowman, NBTC safety officer: bjb5@cornell.edu

Dan Woodie, College of Engineering Safety Manager, daniel.woodie@cornell.edu

Environmental Health and Safety, 607-255-8200 or askehs@cornell.edu