Tool Manager: Penny Burke

Location: Duffield 216A

The NBTC has two pieces of equipment for assisting with cell counting:

Orflo Moxi-Z Cell Counter


  • Accurate, repeatable, fully automated results in 8 seconds
  • Complete, high-resolution cell size/count histogram
  • Post-processing/analysis of count distributions with user-adjustable/gates
  • Assesses cell viability without the need for staining

The Moxi-Z employs non-reusable microfluidic cassettes in its measurements. The NBTC charges $5 per cassetts (2 measurement ports per cassette).

Helpful Links

Manufacturer's Website



A hemacytometer is a tool that enables biological researchers to manually determine the number of cells in a given volume of fluid. The NBTC has a hemacytometer, coverslips, and phase contrast microscope in the mammalian cell culture room.


Helpful Links

Video demonstrating proper hemacytometer usage