Manager: Penny Burke
Location: Duffield 201

The Quantech Digital Filter Fluorometer is designed to perform analytical quantitative fluorescence measurements on various fluorescent materials including chlorophyll, fluorescein, histamine, vitamins, rhodamine, DNA/RNA dye complexes and other fluorescent compounds.

Turner Quantech Fluorometer NBTC


  • Sensitivity Levels of 25 pg/ml dsDNA in 2 ml assay volume (PicoGreen™), 30 ppt QSO4 in square cuvettes, 20 ppt FITC in square cuvettes.
  • Currently available narrow band (NB) and sharp cut (SC) filters at NBTC include NB 360 - SC 415, SC515, NB 490 - SC 585, NB 590 - SC 605, and a "blocking" filter for autofluorescence measurements.

Quantech Fluorometer Specifications

Bandwidth                      5-200 nm (depends on filters selected)
Concentration Range       0.00-9999.99 (ppt)
Configuration                   Single Beam Filter Fluorometer
Detector                          Red Sensitive PMT
Emission Range               185-870 nm
Excitation Range              254-750 nm
Gain and Range Select     Automatic
Up to 9 stored methods   Std. Curve Storage (for each method)
Light Source                    Quartz Halogen
Linearity                          1.00%
Menu Driven Software     Simple interface for menu navigation
Operating Temp Range    20° to 38°C
Sample Holders               10 x 10 x 45 mm sq. cuvettes (standard)
Wavelength Accuracy      1.5-10 nm (depends on filters selected)

Helpful links

Instrument protocols in the "downloads" menu to the right.

Fluorescence Spectra Viewer (requires java)