Tool Manager: Brian Bowman
Location: Duffield 201

Imaging ellipsometry is a powerful tool for measuring thin films of almost any material adsorbed/deposited on a substrate. Materials that can be analyzed are for example: thin metal films, oxides, organic coatings, biological molecule layers (DNA/protein), semiconductor films, SAM's etc.


NBTC Imaging Ellipsometer Accurion Nanofilm EP3
Accurion EP3



  • Resolution: 1-2micron in x/y, ~1 Angstrom in z
  • Ellipsometric precision: Delta/Psi precision 0.002 deg Absolute accuracy 0.1 deg
  • Can provide delta, psi, n, k, or thickness maps across a full field of view.
  • ROI array creator allows simultaneous measurement of DNA/protein arrays or other spatially structured samples.
  • Liquid cell enables measurement of hydrated samples.
  • Surface plasmon resonance fluid cell for imaging surface plasmon resonance and fluid measurments in an inverted setup.
  • Kinetics add-on software allows measurements in real time.
  • Thermal stage with ramping capability (0.5-6o C/min) and a range of ~20-110o C
  • Stand-alone modeling/analysis software (Thinfilm companion from Semiconsoft).
  • Two light source options: Internal solid state 532nm laser, or Xenon Arc lamp with filter wheel. Forty eight wavelengths between 380 – 900nm available.


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