The NBTC maintains a large amount of standard equipment for research in chemistry, biology, electronics, etc. A few examples are listed below. For more information, contact NBTC staff at


Aqueous solutions

Misonix Ultrasonicator, pH meter, sonication baths, vortexers, refractometer, densimeter

Cell Culture

Market Forge Autoclave, incubators and sterile culture hoods, analytical and bulk scales, shaker tables, standard flasks, Petri dishes, sterile centrifuge tubes, serological pipettors

Growth media and agar for bacterial culture

Some more specialized chemicals and labware are available for purchase.


Eppendorf Minispin Plus, Hettich 32R, VWR, small spinners.

  • Maximum speed for 1.5mL centrifuge tubes: 15,000rpm
  • Maximum speed for 50mL centrifuge tubes: 9000rpm


Hotplates and magnetic stirrers, Analytical and bulk scales, micropipettors, chemical fume hoods.

The NBTC stocks many commonly-used chemicals. Contact staff for a specific list.

The NBTC also stocks a variety of glassware, plasticware, and other common lab items.

Electronics Testing

Voltmeters,  ammeters, conductivity meter, multimeters, LCR meter, oscilloscopes, power supplies, source meter, function generators/amplifiers, and temperature logger. These tools are capable of producing, measuring, and/or logging:  1uV to 2kV, 30pA to 300A, 10Hz to 10kHz, 1mΩ to 40MΩ, 0.01fF to 2F,  0.001nH to 2kH, 0.1 useimens to 200 mseimens, 0.1ppm  to 120000ppm dissolved solids,  and -210°C to 1767°C.


Syringe pumps, Curing ovens, PDMS, Programmable Spinner


UV Crosslinkers

Sample Cooling

Cold room, -80C freezer, -20C freezer, refrigerators, circulating water baths.

Sample Heating

Hot plates, dry baths, wet baths, circulating water baths, ovens, drying/vented/vacuum oven