Tool Manager: Brian Bowman
Location: Duffield 201

The FAS2 potentiostat is designed for applications requiring very high sensitivity, such as microelectrode experiments, characterization of paints and coatings, and measurement of corrosion-resistant metals.

It is an ideal system for general physical electrochemistry such as cyclic voltammetry, pulse voltammetry, and EIS (impedance) measurements on , for example, organic/biological coatings.


NBTC gamry fas2 potentiostat



  • Measurement Suites: EIS300 - Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Software, PHE200 - Physical Electrochemistry Software, VFP600 - Virtual Front Panel Software
  • All measurement parameters are software controlled and straight forward hardware connections allow users to configure the system to their needs
  • Current measurement range: 30pA-30mA
  • Current resolution: 1fA-1uA
  • Voltage measurement range: 30mV-30V
  • Voltage resolution: 1uV-1mV


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