Manager: Penny Burke
Location: Duffield 216


  • Full spectral range: 190 - 1000 nm, tunable in 1 nm increments with 2 nm bandwidth
  • Temperature regulated: control from 4-45 C
  • Single cuvette and microplate reader combined in the same system. Full spectra can be obtained for each microplate well or for the cuvette.
  • Reads 96-well microplates in 5 seconds and 384-well microplates in 16 seconds for ultra fast sample throughput
  • PathCheck sensor measures the optical path length in the microplate wells and converts absorbance to standard 1 cm path length values for easy comparison with cuvette readouts.
  • Glass, quartz, and plastic cuvettes are available.
  • Flexible data acquisition and analysis with SoftMax Pro software.


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