Tool Manager: Brian Bowman
Location: Clean Room

NBTC uv ozone cleaner samco UV1


  • Can be used for UV and /or Ozone treatment of almost any surface.
  • Accepts samples up to 150 mm (6") diameter and 10 mm (3/8") thick.
  • Automatic process timer settable up to 99 min 59 sec.
  • Oxygen flow to ozone generator adjustable from 0 to 5 lpm.
  • Temperature adjustable from ambient to 300° C.



  • Removing organic contamination or residues.
  • Cleaning or stripping photoresist, inks or polyimide from substrates.
  • Pre-clean wafers prior to deposition.
  • Descumming photoresist and polyimide.
  • Modifying surfaces for better adhesion.
  • Improving lube coverage on magnetic discs.
  • UV curing.
  • Growing thin stable oxide films on silicon and gallium arsenide.


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