What kind of tools are in the NBTC?

Our Facilities Brochure discusses some of the tools and epuipment manged by the NBTC. You can find a more detailed description of each tool in the instrument list.


How do I use the labs?

Getting set up is a straightforward process--just follow the instructions here (if you're from Cornell) or here (if you are from another institution or company).


Can I ship samples to you for measurement?

For the most part the NBTC is a user facility, but we can perform some measurements. Typically, we charge for staff time in addition to instrument time. More intensive measurements may benefit from starting a research collaboration. For a quote or more information, contact the NBTC staff.


Can you assist me with an experiment?

Yes! NBTC staff give trainings on equipment and general experimental advice for no charge beyond the daily access fee. For more intenstive, one-on-one help, we generally charge for staff time. Contact the tool manager for assistance.


Can I get a degree in Nanobiotechnology from your department?

No. The NBTC is a core facility. We do not grant degrees and have no say in the admissions process. Any questions about admissions should be directed to Cornell University Admissions.


Can I get a job or internship from your department?

The NBTC is not hiring at this time. We do not currently have any REU, high school internship, or similar programs.


Can I purchase lab equipment from the NBTC?

The NBTC is not selling any surplus equipment at this time.