If you have any questions during this process, please contact nbtcinfo@cornell.edu for assistance from NBTC staff.

“External User” means that your research is not being done with Cornell professors and staff and that you have no current affiliation with Cornell (as a student or staff). This applies to both researchers from academic institutions outside Cornell and industrial users. If you are affiliated with Cornell, please follow the instructions for internal users.

If you are not sure if you are an internal or external user, please contact NBTC staff at nbtcinfo@cornell.edu for assistance.

1) Obtain a Purchase Order (PO).

A purchase order is a form from your academic institution or company which commits to pay the NBTC for goods and services up to a certain dollar amount. See the sidebar for details.

We must approve your PO before you can register. Please contact Brian Bowman (bjb5@cornell.edu) or Charla Hayes (cmh10@cornell.edu) with any questions about POs.

2) Register on the NBTC facilities page.

Fill out the New User Registration form and submit the project description attached to that form. You will need the reference number on your approved PO to complete this form.

3) Do some online safety training with Cornell’s Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Unit.

Note: The details of this section change regularly without the NBTC staff being alerted. If you find any of this material to be in error, please contact us at nbtcinfo@cornell.edu so that we can update this description.


3a) Create a “GuestID” access code

Fill out this form: https://guestid.ad.cornell.edu/SelfRegistration.aspx?cust=1&grpname=cit-blackboard

-Under Purpose, write “Laboratory Safety and Chemical Waste Disposal”

-The Group name should be pre-filled with “cit-blackboard”.

-“GuestID” access code will be in the following format: gid-lastnamefirstinitial


3b) Create a Blackboard account

Once your guest access has been approved and you have a “GuestID” access code, you can then create a Blackboard account at: http://request.blackboard.cornell.edu. You will receive an email confirming that your Blackboard account has been created.


3c) Take the Environmental Health and Safety trainings on “Laboratory Safety” and “Chemical Waste Disposal.”

-Log in to Blackboard at: https://blackboard.cornell.edu/

-Click on “All Blackboard Courses” at top center.

-Select the “Environmental Health & Safety” folder on the right hand side.

-Click on EHS-ChemWaste and select “Enroll” to take the online Chemical Waste Disposal training. Review the Course Materials and take the Chem Waste Quiz. You will need a score of at least 70. If you do not pass the first time you may retake it as many times as needed to get a passing score. When you pass, submit your score.

-Click on EHS-LaboratorySafety and select “Enroll” to take the online Laboratory Safety training. The Access Code is ehs2012. Review the Course Materials and take the Lab Safety Quiz. You will need a score of at least 70. If you do not pass the first time you may retake it as many times as needed to get a passing score. When you pass, submit your score.
Note: You may also take these trainings at the EHS offices. Visitors, Guests or CU Affiliates (USDA or BTI) can obtain health and safety training by contacting EH&S at 255-8200 or sending an email to: dehs-mailbox@cornell.edu .

Other EHS safety trainings may be required for certain lab work. Feel free to peruse the list of available classes and take any that may be of use to you.


4) Take the NBTC Lab Safety training and Orientation.

Some safety training is required in order to get access to the NBTC labs. For safety training in the second floor labs, contact Penny Burke (pd28@cornell.edu), our technician.
This training typically happens every Wednesday morning from 9-10 am and begins Duffield 350. Please arrive promptly and follow the NBTC Dress Code.


5) Obtain a Cornell ID card from Day Hall

-Within a few days of the NBTC Lab Safety Training and Orientation, you will be able to pick up the paperwork required to obtain the Cornell ID card. Rebecca Kannus, our Accounts Representative, will send you an email when the paperwork is in.

-Bring the NBTC paperwork and a photo ID to B07 Day Hall, where your Cornell ID card will be issued.

-Email Rebecca Kannus (rk94@cornell.edu) or Brian Bowman (bjb5@cornell.edu) to let them know that you have received your card.


When all of the steps above have been completed, you will have access to the NBTC labs.

-Some work, such as that involving handling biological materials or using specific instruments, may require additional training. If you would like training on a particular piece of equipment, check the NBTC equipment list and contact the tool manager for an appointment.