Brian Bowman

350 Duffield Hall


I can answer questions regarding:  mechanical testing, electrical measurements, equipment modifications, data logging, plumbing, cleanroom usage, lab safety, and billing.

Brian Bowman is originally from nearby Cortland NY, and received his BS degree from Clarkson University in Mechanical/Industrial Engineering in 1982.  Since then, he has: examined US Patent Applications for gas turbine components and control systems,  performed third-party mechanical and electrical safety and performance testing on a variety of HVAC and refrigeration appliances as well as power plants and automotive lifts,  worked at improving the texture and nutrition in puffed snack foods and cereals using supercritical CO2 injection, and  worked in the Electronic Packaging/NBTC facilities as lab manager helping users fully utilize the shared equipment for a wide variety of applications.  Currently he is the facilities/equipment manager for the NBTC Labs and specializes in the mechanical and electrical characterization of samples.